Vesper Community Academy


6443 Virginia St., Vesper, WI 54489

Size: 72x112ft garden; 15 raised beds

When the garden was started: 2009


Contact info:

Dennis Nelson

Phone: 715-459-7950

(Call Dennis to volunteer or donate)

Website –  (coming soon)

Open to community members


How the garden is used:

The Vesper Community Academy garden has served as a learning platform for all ages.  The school children as well as community members of all ages are actively involved with many different aspects of gardening and learning.  The harvests from the garden have been used in the school lunch program, sold locally and donated to various food pantries.


Favorite student garden activities/ items grown: 

Squash, pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, beans, celeriac


Current events in the garden:

For the 2011-2012 school year we are establishing a gardening club to plan and tend the garden.  This afterschool club will be based on a philanthropic business model – growing to sustain the “business entity” while donating the excess.  With the goal of supplying the school lunch program and selling locally, the garden club will study crop salability, yields, storage, etc.  Children and parents will be learning many different disciplines including science, math, chemistry, ecology, history, marketing, computers and business.


Utilizing hands-on learning, the children will have access to experts from diverse fields.  Different local educational and government individuals and agencies will be asked to actively participate at various times and share their expertise.


A new addition for the garden will be several raised beds dedicated to demonstrating “square-foot” gardening techniques.  We will use these beds to show how anyone can have a diverse, low-maintenance garden almost anywhere.  By bringing in different community groups we hope to bring awareness to this method of gardening as well as get them involved at VCA.