Farm to School

Addressing food safety and product liability insurance

Early in the Wood County Farm to School programming, the Food Service Directors sat down with the Wood County sanitarians to ask questions and address concerns about the protocol and safety of using local foods.  The county sanitarians assured them that local foods are legal to use in school cafeterias and can meet food safety requirements if handled in the correct way by both farmers and cooking staff.  They directed the Food Service Directors to the HACCP protocol when preparing local foods. 

School districts  may have insurance mandates for vendors but as Wood County schools  did not, it was not an issue.

The Wood County F2S procurement staff researched Good Agricultural Procedures (GAP) standards put out by the USDA and asked prospective farmers to describe their food safety protocol and asked if they carried product liability insurance when sourcing produce from them.  The product liability insurance info and food safety protocol was made available to schools.