Farm to School

Farm to School in Auburndale, Wisconsin

F2S History and Logistics

·       Joined the Wood County Farm to School program in 2011 with taste tests in elementary cafeteria and F2S education lessons in grades 3 - 5

·       District of 2 schools, 900 students in 2014

·       National school lunch and breakfast programs in every school  


·       In the 2013/2014 school year, Auburndale school district spent $187 on local foods and received $854 in donated local foods.  The total local food value was $1,041 for 1605 pounds of local food, including watermelons, apples, onions, cucumbers, pears, winter squash and carrots.

·       High School greenhouse provides fresh greens for cafeteria use.

·       High School garden/orchard provided onions and apples for cafeteria use.

·       High School agriculture class picked apples and pears at school orchard and neighboring orchard for cafeteria use.

Classroom education (elementary and secondary) 

·       Monthly Farm to School education in grades 3 – 5, 2011 - 2013

·       High school agriculture class grows greens in school greenhouse for cafeteria  2011 to present

  • HS ag students grow vegetable bucket gardens for/with kindergarten classes 
  • Sustainable growing methods taught in HS agriculture classes
  • Had Salad bar days with greenhouse grown hydroponic lettuce with Horticulture classes
  • Processing kitchen set up in Agriculture room for meat and produce processing
    • Made Cranberry Brats and Kraut Brats for class field trip grill outs.
    • Processed 475 lbs of snack sticks and summer sausage products for student projects, meat harvested and processed by students.
    • Made 50 gallons cider with apples students procured and brought to school
    • Made 15 gallons of Kraut with Greenhouse grown cabbage
    • Processed 450 lbs applesauce for student lead project

Additional programs supporting Farm to School in Auburndale district

  • Agriculture teacher presented at WisconsinFarm to School Summit in 2011
  • High school agriculture students organized community Local Food Fair 2012
  • Agriculture students presented at Wisconsin Association of School Boards Convention in Milwaukee highlighting food processing techniques and lab 2014
  • Creates community grazing garden near senior citizen housing each year

Student Field Trips and Farmers Visits to School

Pruned apple trees and grape vines for community members with skills picked up in orchard.

School gardens and greenhouses

·       High school greenhouse

·       High school garden and orchard

·       Won Security Health grant to enhance garden 2013

For more information please contact Sue Anderson, Wood County Farm to School coordinator or:

Pam Rassmussen, Nutrition Director

Mark Cournoyer, High School Agriculture teacher